Up close and personal

Aerosol droplets caused by sneezing, coughing, singing or even speaking, can float in the air in excess of 30 minutes, potentially carrying the harmful COVID-19 Coronavirus. Unlike bulky or awkward to move systems, Aura Air can be located very close by you, to suck away these airborne viruses in seconds at extremely high power – up to 350m3 per hour.

The most powerful floor standing filter located in the corner of the room will not prevent you inhaling these potentially lethal, local aerosol droplets.  In fact, they will churn up the air in the room and may potentially increase the chance of infection.

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A unique triple attack on the virus

Previous generation Filter Systems just use Ultraviolet light (UV-C) to destroy the virus.  Some products also include an Ioniser, but check the Ozone levels produced by the cheaper brands – high levels of Ozone can damage lungs.  Beware devices just using a HEPA filter – yes, they may collect the virus inside the filter, but not destroy them.  They may reside in the Filter for hours or even days and of course need diligent maintenance as a result.

Aura Air uses two patented technologies above and beyond UV-C light, all of which have been clinically tested in July 2020, in one of the top 10 Clinical Hospitals in the world, with spectacular results. See below for more information.

knowledge is power and peace of mind

Yes, you may have the best COVID-19 Filter and Disinfection system in the world, but do you know how well it is working, or if it has a fault and not performing to 100% of its capabilities?

Aura Air has seven high precision sensors built inside the device to monitor CO, CO2, Pm2.5, Pm10, VOC, Temperature and Humidity – every 10 seconds. These can be displayed at any time using the Aura Air App – specifically developed for Smartphones and Tablets. Not content to stop there, the App uses your entered Post Code to access the third party Climacell API to also display the local outdoor air quality covering CO, Pm, Pm2.5, NO2, O3 and SO2 levels. The App also summarises these indoor and outdoor readings using the Industry recognised Air Quality Index (AQI) rating.

A smart filter is an extra vigilant filter

Aura Air uses patented AI learning to optimise the control of Air Quality.  It truly is “smart” – for instance detecting conditions where the COVID-19 virus is known to be at its most dangerous – at humidities above 80% – or just simply detecting higher levels of gases in the room.  Aura Air is regularly updated to improve upon its decision making.  Its decision making is built into the device and functions irrespective of whether it is connected to WiFi or not.  In addition the App allows the device to be manually set into Full Power mode at any time.

Aura Air, despite its AI sophistication, is very simple to teach, using a three step process, taking just a few clicks to enter the required information into its App. This enables Aura Air to be even more vigilant about specific medical conditions of staff, or loved ones.  Aura Air then becomes highly sensitised to these personal conditions and will switch into full Protection Mode whenever it considers relevant.  For instance, if there is a high level of pollution outside and your loved one suffers from asthma, the system will automatically step up the fan speed to pre-empt any worsening of air quality inside the room.

Truly scalable

Aura Air was designed from the outset to be highly scalable, to handle thousands of units and provide timely air quality information to not just households, but large private and public enterprises around the world, with the goals of not just improving air quality, but also linking to other ventilation systems to intelligently deliver safer and cleaner air.
Aura Air has a business version of the App called the “Dashboard” that provides detailed monitoring of large numbers of units in real-time.  Unlike the App, it also allows immense amounts of historical data to be recorded for legal or analysis reasons. “Events” can be set up to perform complex procedures with other systems via its API, or at its simplest level, send a warning message to key personnel that thresholds have been exceeded.


Aura Air is the first, all in one, Air Filtration, Disinfection and Monitoring product that has successfully completely Clinical Trials specifically related to its effectiveness against the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The same Hospital that performed the tests, voted one of top 10 Clinical Hospitals in the world by Newsweek, has been using Aura Air in its COVID-19 wards and staff rooms since the Pandemic started.

Aura Air not only Monitors the Air to alert Staff of high particulate Levels, but when it extracts these droplets out of the air, it performs a unique triple attack on the virus – UV-C light, a patented Copper impregnated HEPA Filter and lastly, the patented Sterionizer, which sends positive and negative ions into the air, breaking down the protein structure of viruses and bacteria, rendering them harmless.​

The Patented Sterionizer

The patented Sterionizer sends positive and negative ions into the air producing.  Oxidants break down the protein structure of viruses and bacteria, rendering them harmless.​  Traditional Ionisers produce Ozone which can damage the lungs.

Patented Copper laced HEPA Filter

Copper Ions blast the pathogen preventing cell respiration and punch holes in the cell membrane/viral coating. They seek and destroy the DNA and RNA inside a bacteria or virus, preventing the mutations that create drug-resistant superbugs.

UV-C Light

UV-C light​ is well proven to inactivate micro organisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA with its short wavelength.  UV light with a wavelength of 200-280nm is the most germicidal​ and effective.

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The compact unit can be wall or ceiling mounted and just requires a standard mains point.  By being able to locate it close to staff, patients & clients, rather than in a corner, ensures the most effective and RAPID removal of airborne aerosol droplets and the destruction of viruses.

To meet the recommended six air changes per hour (ACH) required for a Hospital Ward*, Aura Air will filter 25m2 in a normal 2.4m high room, (60m3) at full power – that’s a CADR of 206CFM (350m3/hour) better than many, much larger, floor standing units.  For homes, the recommendation is 2.5x, equating to 60m2 in a normal 2.4m high room, (150m3) at full power.

The Aura Air Filter system accurately measures and displays the levels of Pm2.5 & Pm10 size particulates in the Air, including Coronavirus aerosol droplets, as well as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds such as Emission fumes), Humidity, Temperature, CO and CO2 levels.  Finally it produces a real-time measurement of the industry accepted index of Air Quality – the AQI.



Allergy and Personal Condition Customisation is just a few clicks away
Instant advice on sensor readings


Monitor multiple Aura Air units over one site, multiple sites, or even across a Local Community, or in the future – an entire City.  The customisable “Dashboard” of chosen “Events” can be displayed on a PC or a large screen monitor, for instance in a Waiting Room, Office, Restaurant or Control Centre – wherever an instant overview is required for medical reasons, or for re-inforcing staff or clients’ peace of mind.